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Where can I get information on the proposed Central Fire Station?


You may visit from your home or work.  Please feel free to stop by and visit the firehouse anytime to speak with a Firefighter to answer your questions.  You may also email the Fire Chief James Midgley directly here at


How do I go about getting a fire permit?


In order to receive a fire permit the property owner must come down to the Pelham Fire Department during normal business hours and fill out the proper paperwork.  There is no cost to obtain the fire permit as long as the proper rules are followed.  The fire permits are good for one year and all expire on March 31st of that year.  Once the fire permit has been issued then you will not have to come down to the station every time you wish to burn, it's now only a simple phone call away; and depending on weather conditions that day will be the determination of whether or not burning will be allowed.  So please if you wish to obtain a fire permit please don't hesitate to come down to the Fire Station and get one.


How does my son or daughter join the fire explorers?


In order to become a fire explorer you must be between the ages of 14-20. Please contact the Pelham Fire Department at 635-2703.


What do the different levels of EMT mean?


The state of New Hampshire uses the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians to certify for the 3 levels of EMT. EMT-B is the first official level of EMT in the state. EMT-B allows you once you have applied and been granted a NH Ambulance Providers License the ability to work on an ambulance. EMT-B are very limited in their skills and can only perform basic life support functions. EMT-I are permitted to do everything a EMT-B is however they are granted the ability to start IV's and administer some basic medications for Asthma, Cardiac Arrests, and Diabetic Emergencies. EMT-P  or EMT-Paramedic is the highest level of Emergency Medical Technician and are allowed to do what a EMT-I and B are allowed to but on top of that are permitted to use advanced life saving techniques as well. Paramedics are permitted and trained in Advanced airway maneuvers such as Endotrachael Intuabation, Surgical Airways, and Nasal Intubation they are also trained in pediatric emergencies and have a list of approximately 40 different medications that they can administer to patients in the field under a doctors supervision. Paramedics are also permitted to administer pain medications.


How do I become a firefighter?


In order to become a firefighter in the state of New Hampshire you must take The NH Fire Academy Firefighter 1 program. This is an entry level course that teaches students the fundamentals of the fire service. Information on this course can be found at:



Why does a fire engine come when I call for an Ambulance?


When the Pelham Fire Department is dispatched on a medical call an Engine will go on the call with the ambulance in order to help the ambulance crew with carrying equipment, setting up equipment, moving the patient to the ambulance, etc. In Pelham you will generally, depending on staffing get 2 firefighter/EMT's on the ambulance and 2 firefighter/EMT's on the Engine. This allows us treat the patient to the best of our abilities.


How do I get a tour of the fire station?


To get a tour of the fire station just come down and visit us. You may want to call ahead to make sure that we are not out on a call or in training though.






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